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About Worder Counter Tool

Word Counter Tool could be a website that, well, provides you the word count for your text. however wait! If you think that that’s all there's to that, then we’ve got a treat for you. Despite the name of the location, Word Count Tool isn’t simply your typical on-line word counter. it's some cool options within the word counter itself, and it conjointly offers heaps a lot of helpful tools that writers will have at their disposal. And if that isn’t superb enough, Word Count Tool conjointly contains a journal. Here on Word Count Tool, we tend to compose writing, word counter tool and that we completely love it! As writers ourselves, we wish to convey alternative writers a hand and aid them in their journey to making future bestseller. thus we’ve created this comprehensive guide to assist you get the most effective expertise out of our web site.

Features Of Our Word Counter Tool

The word count tool is fairly simple to use. you'll be able to directly kind your text into the box. Or if you’re using a word processing system or on-line tool, like Google Documents, to put in writing your piece, you'll be able to simply copy and paste it onto the text box.

Now the word count tool is more than simply a straightforward word counter. It really encompasses a heap to supply. And we’ll be trying every cool feature easy section.

Word Counter For Different Types Of Texts

In the literary world, there are other ways to put in writing a story. And thereupon, there square measure totally different lengths moreover. You’ve in all probability detected of short stories and novels, and maybe all that's in between. however, have you ever asked yourself what counts as short in a short story? or even you’ve puzzled however long a story will go before you'll decision it a novel? square measure there rules that bind what's and what's not in terms of word count? And if therefore, what are these?

Well, no, there aren’t extremely word count police who’ll shake their head for each excess word. however, there's a general vary for every sort of text that writers and students alike agree. Take the story, for instance. Short stories will have a rough most of 7,500 words. storybooks vary from 3,500 to 7,500 words, however word count is often as low as 1,000. A story over 7,500 words however but 17,000, on the opposite hand, is what you decide a novella. This term could be acquainted with you, and it's typically interchanged with the longer kind, a novella. Novellas square measure lengthier than novelettes however sometimes don't exceed 40,000 words.word count can be as low as 1,000. A story more than 7,500 words but less than 17,000, on the other hand, is what you call a novelette. This term might be familiar to you, and it is often interchanged with the longer form, novella. Novellas are lengthier than novelettes but usually do not exceed 40,000 words. Stories that do exceed that, however, are – you guessed it – novels!

So, why the requirement to understand all this? Well, if you’re an author plotting your story, you've got to think about however long you expect your story to be and if it matches with the time you’re willing to take a position in writing that story. If you would like to put in writing one thing for short, word counter tool think about writing a brief story or novella, and piece out an elliptical plotline you'll execute within the applicable quantity of words.

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